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in the movie zoo topia 电影中的空想动物园 in the movie zoo topia 电影中的空想动物园

回答和翻译如下: zootopia was phenomenal!when this movie was first announced,i was so skeptical,even up to the point of being at the theatre today.but it was incredible and ,yes,i cried like i always do at desney and pixar movi...

你这句话本身有点语病, best 不可以放在最后。可以说: I like the film Zootopia。 It's the best animated movie (ever). 同义句可以说: Zootopia is (one of )my favoriate movie(s).

Movie is my favorite that I always watch movies when I am free.Since I... 2016-04-16 电影zootopia英文简介 22 2016-07-20 关于一部英文电影或一部...

In the movie, Jefferson's Declaration of ...the most is that they could live a free life.... 2016-04-16 电影zootopia英文简介 22 2015-08-...

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