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now up to 75% off 高达75%的优惠 Now, what if you could combine all of that with a discount of up to 75% off? 现在,如果你能够以高达75%的优惠享有以上所有的游轮服务,你会怎样?

打三折,因为off表示去掉. 七折是:30% off / 30% discount.

up to 70 off 高达70关 up to 70 off 高达70关

美国购物打折方法和中国是反着来的,比如中国说打八折,也就是比原价便宜百分之二十,在美国,就表示为20%off,off的意思就是减去的意思,减去了20%,自然就是打八折。而前面加了up to,意思就是说,最高达到20%折扣的意思,也就是说,打折的商...

save up to 50% off 节省了50%的 双语对照 例句: 1. Viral infections are associated with up to 50% of asthmatic attacks in children. 受气喘病侵袭的儿童中,有高达50%的人与病毒感染有关。 2. Since the super market opened, many of the...


最低2折。你拆错了,是up to/80% off。up to 最高,80% off (the original price) 原价扣除80%,合起来是最低2折

teacher , I really feel embarrassed and will try to hurry up as not to be late again .老师,真的很不好意思,我以后尽量加快动作,不再迟到。 hurry off 英[ˈhʌri ɔf] 美[ˈhɚri ɔf] [释义] (使) 迅速离开; [...

pay off, 付清工资;债务 a. to pay (someone) everything that is due that person, esp. to do so and discharge from one's employ. b. to pay (a debt) in full. c. Informal. to bribe. d. to retaliate upon or punish. e. Nautical. to f...

enjoy up to 50% off select styles 享受高达50%关闭选择样式 enjoy up to 50% off select styles 享受高达50%关闭选择样式

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