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try onEs BEst to Do

do one's best 尽某人最大的努力做...... try one's best 尽力做某事 do one's best = try one's best try doing sth . 试着做某事

是的。 try one's best to do sth.(尽最大努力做某事) 如;He tries his best to work hard.

try one's best to do sth


    Try you bestIf you want to get good score in you study, I think you should try you best to study. If we want to become a successful learner, I think you have to do the following things: 1. write down the note...

do ones nest

i tried my best to save his life. i will try my best to finish the mission in time. he tried his best to overcome the difficulties in learning english.

i will try my best to make you happy. teachers try their best to make students konw it. He tries his best to finish the task this

这些都太俗了,换个高级的,do ones utmost

是的。 tryone'sbesttodosth.(尽最大努力做某事) 如;Hetrieshisbesttoworkhard.

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