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What does that mean? 或What's that meaning?那是什么意思?


句中的 mean 要用过去分词: That's all meant to be. 所指即所是(这都是本意所指)。

4、—___ , I didn’t mean it that way. —Forget it. A、All right B、That’s okay C、Thank you D、Forgive me 5、—I___. —Think no mor...

what I mean by that 是主语 is是系动词 the current perspective of the digital textbook is it's an exact copy of the print都是表语 the前面省略了that 后面的表语从句中the current perspective of the digital textbook 是主语 it's an e...

What does that mean?与What is that meaning?意思一样

What is that mean 那是什么意思 双语对照 例句: 1. What is that mean, deal with it? 处理是什么意思?

Sometimes I think that it's better to never ask why有时我觉得不问为什么...But just because it burns,doesn't mean you're gonna die,但烧的遍体鳞伤...

He's so mean! 他是如此的吝啬! 双语对照 例句: 1. "I was so mean and now he's dead." “我对他那么不好,可现在他死了。” 2. So what that he's korean? Does that mean that all koreans are twisted? 然,他是韩国人,就意味着所有韩国人都...

What is that mean翻译过来:那是什么意思

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