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phone number 英 [fəun ˈnʌmbə] 美 [fon ˈnʌmbɚ] n. 电话号码

take me to your heart----迈克学摇滚 hiding from the rain and snow trying to forget but i won't let go looking at a crowded street listening to my own heart beat so many people all around the world tell me where do i find someon。




你是需要这样的效果是不是这样。 names = ['charles', 'frank', 'chris']phonenumbers = {'charles' : '12345', 'frank' : '23456', 'chris'...

答案:Your phone numbers are in my notebook. 翻译:你的电话号码在我的笔记本里。

Unit4 Age and phone Numbers 学习的年龄和电话号码 Unit4 Age and phone Numbers 学习的年龄和电话号码


你好! I will tell you the phone numbers of a stranger, he is joking that he would help to the Mid-Autumn full moon night, I tell you; I thought you, I am your mind, heart, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 翻译为中文:我...

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