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make a style of one's own 创立自己的文风;创立自己的风格 make a style 做造型;做样式 of one's own 某人自己的 例句 1.The burden of one's own choice is not felt. 愿挑的担子不嫌重。 2.One mustn't consider whether or not it pays si...

make one's own decision做出自己的决定,不加s,如果是做出多个决定,就要加s

独立意味着自己做决定 仅供参考,望采纳


of one's own 属于自己本身的 a room of my (very) own (完全) 属于自己的房间 He has a house of his own 他拥有自己的房子 ------------------------------ on one's own(口语) (1)独立,凭自己 do something on one's own 凭自己的创意做某事,...

After marrying,she don't need to make her own meals,and she do her hair every week.

面对面 做鬼脸 独立自主

make one's way 英 [ meik wʌnz wei ] 美 [ mek wʌnz we ] 走,行走,前进 发迹 1 .I made my way towards the harbor. 我朝港口的方向走。 2 One way to do that is to make clear the player's point of view. 一种方式便是提供给玩...

interesting to whom generally speaking it may be true.. becase they tend to fit the taste of the intended audiences but not alwasy true because movies made by the usa are popluar almost all over the world. people are becoming s...

make one's future 翻译成中文是:创造某人的未来 双语例句: No one's written your destiny for you.You have to make your own future. 没有人能定规你的命运,你必须创造自己的未来。

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