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in haste 中文释义: adv. 急速地,急忙地,草率地 反义词:unhurriedly。 同义词:hastily,hurriedly。

act in haste and repent at leisure 行动匆忙,在闲暇时懊悔 act in haste and repent at leisure 行动匆忙,在闲暇时懊悔

Suggested Solutions: 1. The summary should be written in the students’ own words and should include the following: 1Deutsche Bank as an example of how mergers and acquisitions fail Completed takeovers damage one party – the com...

为您提供详细解答: make haste 和hurry up都表示“赶快”,无本质区别,在催促别人加快速度时,两种说法都可以,只是make haste更文气一点,比较正式,hurry up是我们最熟悉的,很通俗。 满意请采纳哦 O(∩_∩)O~



The fire wiped out and killed all the people in the building 2、He has signed his name on an agreement to be a player for the college football team 3、How much a person can earn depended on his skill 4、Mary asked Frank whether...

准确翻译如下: He left in his haste, and nearly forgot (to take) his overcoat.

High rise, veins of the avenue Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you Street lights glisten on the boulevard And cold nights make staying alert so hard For heaven’s sake,...


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