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Fit sB wEll和suit sB FinE的区别

fit sb. well = 很适合,指衣服,鞋帽等大小尺寸的适合; suit sb. fime = suit sb. well = 很适合,指衣服,鞋帽等款式,颜色的适合。

你好。是形容词,做me的补足语,是宾语补足语。又如: 1 make me happy 2 put the work right 3 She left him lonely 4 they want him dead [fit] 及物动词 vt. 1.(衣服)合...身;与...相称[W] This dress doesn't fit me. 这件衣服不适合我穿。 2.适合于;使适合[W][(+for)][O2] We must fit the action to the word. 我们必须言行一致。 Her training fits her for the job. ...

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