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I choose to be on the cooler side. 意思是:我选择在较冷的一面。 choose to be 选择做 Who did they choose to be their new member of Parliament? 他们选了谁当他们的新国会议员? Can we choose to be treated in a private hospital? 我们...

How to Enjoy Being Alone By Tielle Webb eHow Contributor We were created to enjoy relationships. From birth, our mothers sustained and nurtured us. As children, our families, teachers and playmates helped us learn and grow. As ...

小题1:B小题2:C小题3:B小题4:D 试题分析:文章主要是介绍了一种银行卡服务Winners Club。说明了这种账户适宜人群,和它的好处。以及办理的一些注意事项。小题1:细节题。文章首句Choose Winners Club, and you choose to be a winner! The Winne...

what l choose to be particular 我选择做一个特别的人 我选择特定的 我选择的是什么 为何我有特别的选择?

歌曲:温柔 歌手:五月天 专辑:爱情万岁 走在风中今天阳光 突然好温柔 天的温柔地的温柔 像你抱着我 然后发现你的改变 孤单的今后 如果冷该怎么渡过 天边风光身边的我 都不在你眼中 你的眼中藏着什么 我从来都不懂 MV截图(40张)没有关系你的世...

don't choose to be at ease with the most hard-working age 不要选择放心最勤劳的年龄


pig Because life for me now is really a pressure.I need to be less pressed. Pig is an animal wich will never worry about it's life only being sent to the market.But even being sent to the market, it reflects its value.

to be happy 要快乐 [网络释义] To Be Happy做快乐的人 HOW TO BE HAPPY怎样才能快乐 Learn To Be Happy学会快乐


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