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Bring和Bring ABout的区别

bring 和bring about ,都可劝导致,引起”之意,但从英文解释可知bring=to cause sth, 而bring about= to make sth happen .从此看来用bring要好些,不过具体情况要联系上下文。

bring 带来. Next time, you bring your sister. I'd like to know her. bring about 造成, 引起[导致](某事) He was drunk when he was driving and this mistake was deadly, which brought about the death of his parents.

第一个是使发生, 致使第二个是使显示, 出版, 生产, 说出

bring in v. 生产, 挣得, 介绍引进 更多词典解释 bring up v. 教育, 培养, 提出, (军队等)调上来, (船)抵达目的地 bring out v. 使显示, 出版, 生产, 说出 bring about v. 使发生, 致使 四个意思都不一样.


cause与bring about的区别: cause, bring about都含有“带来……的结果”的意思,但区别在于: ①cause 强调施事者是造成某种结果的直接原因。 如: The flood caused much damage. 水灾造成了很大损失。 ②bring about 表示施事者为了获得某种结果而...

bring是brought 的过去式,用于过去时态和被动语态,例如 I brought this to him yesterday . Please bring me some sugar.

give rise to重原因 bring about 重结果 ①:give rise to :cause to happen exit ,occur 发生的意思…… 举例:The new law gave rise to many complaints 新法法规引起很多人的不满 ②:bring about 是make something to happen,导致的意思 The ch...

give rise to 多见用于比较正式的表达,指“引发”、“ 引起”某种现象的出现。 1、High intake of salt is believed to give rise to high blood pressure. 大量摄入盐被认为会引起高血压。 2、Her disappearance gave rise to the wildest rumours...

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