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BE think oF As 要怎么造句

I think of the woman as my mom.

I am thinking of you 我正在想你.

I think of what these mean to me as a competitor. 作为一个竞争者我考虑过这些对我来说意味着什么。

I【 have never thought of】 being a professional photographer. 如不明白请追问,如果满意请采纳 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可, 谢谢! 祝学习进步

你好! I think of you as my best friend. 我觉得你是我最好的朋友。 I think of it as my favourite gift. 我把它当作我最爱的礼物。 百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答 如满意,请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢~

think of 记起,想起;考虑;想像;关心 I think it takes your breath away to think of the unspeakably high hopes that John Milton had for his career. 我觉得像弥尔顿这样说出自己对职业如此高的希望,是很让人吃惊的。 So if you think o...

what are you thinking of?你在想什么 i have many things to think of.我有很多事情要考虑 i can't think of his name right now. 我记不起他的名字

How does the story end up? 这人故事是怎么结束的? We'll end up paying much more. 结果会花好多钱 think of v. 考虑, 关心, 想起, 想象, 有...的看法, 记起 think of think of (about),dream of (about) think of (about) 可以用来表示对问...

Even astronomers used to think little of intergalactic space.即使是天文学家过去也很少想到星系际空间。He really thought she would think nothing of it.他真的认为她会毫不在意。You can think of the equivalent annual cost of machine...

1.The boss seems to think highly of you. 上司似乎很器重你。 2.We think highly of their research in this field. 我们对他们这方面的研究评价很高。 3.. The important person esteems oneself, Must own think highly of oneself. 要人瞧...

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