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BE ClosE to Doing

be close to doing 要做 例句: 1. Pay close attention to what you're doing. 密切关注自己正在做什么。 2. What are governments doing to woo private-equity firms? 政府以何种动作来迎合私募股权企业呢?

be close to 接近于……。the ship is now close to the coast. 船离海岸很近 be closed to do 应不是固定搭配,the door is closed to stop the sand storm. 门被关上以抵御沙尘暴。

be close to:接近于…接近、靠近、亲近、临近 例句1:The top rate of income tax, including social-security contributions, will still be close to60%. 例句2:One of the reasons that your wife married you was because of her desire to...

是的 to是介词 所以后面可以接 doing

接近于做某事 例如: However you have come close to doing so on more than one occasion. 然而,不止一次的场合中,你们已经接近这样做了。

应该是卡朋特兄妹的《Close To You》,有很多人翻唱过。 歌词: Why do birds suddenly appear 为什么鸟儿忽然出现 Every time you are near 每一次你靠近时 Just like me, they long to be 就像我一样,它们一直盼望着 Close to you 靠近你 Why ...

close to you - jay delano 歌词: i just wanna be close to you and do all the things you want me to i just wanna be close to you and show you the way i feel ok, i've realised i'm nothing without you, keeping you close to me is al...

1. Yestoday,I staied with my father . 2. My parerants are looking forward to adopting a little pet. 3. Lili at the back of me doesn't come today. 4. I just want be close of you.

应该是Jay Delano的Close to You ---------------------------- I just wanna be close to you And do all the things you want me to I just wanna be close to you And show you the way I feel Ok, I've realised I'm nothing without you, K...

我暂时没有见过这种用种。 Don't get close to me.不要靠近我。 Get round to doing sth,有时间再做某事。

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