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As ADj/ADv As possiBlE造句

①You should run as quickly as possible to win the race. 为了赢得比赛,你应该尽可能快地跑 ②He Likes to do things as well as possible. 他做事情喜欢精益求精 对我的以上回答有疑问可以继续追问, 若满意我的回答也请及时采纳

主语+谓语+as+adj/adv原级+as比较对象 例:小明和小刚一样高。 Xiaoming is as tall as xiaogang. 甲壳虫乐队和上帝一样有名 Beatles is as famous as God. 此句型的否定形式为:主语+not+谓语+as/so+adj/adv原级+as+比较对象。(not必须与be动...

You should leave as quickly as possible,or you will be late.

1.He speaks(English) as fluently as you. 他(英语)说的和你一样流利。 其中,在否定时,根据语气as……as换成so……as 2.She is as cool as cucumber. 表面意思:像黄瓜一样冷静,实指当一个人碰到困难和麻烦时很冷静、很放松。 她很冷静。

如此……以至于做…… she is so quite as to stay at home all day.她太害羞了以至于整天呆在家里。  The girl was so excited as to shout herself hoarse. 那个女孩是那么地兴奋, 以至于嗓子都喊哑了。 He was so tired as to be unable to ...

都可以。 中间嗯形容词或副词要用原型。 adj主要修饰名词,adv主要修饰动词。

not as/so +adj./ adv. 原级+as是as+ adj./ adv. +as的否定式。例如: This dictionary is not as/so useful as you think.这本字典不如你想象的那样有用。 as...as意为“和……一样”,表示同级的比较。使用时要注意第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词...


To learnEnglish well is as difficult as to learn maths well.

Strong as he is,he ia afraid of painSlowly as the tortoise walks, he can beats the hare.Doctor he is,he can't cure his own illness.

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