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优势 [yōu shì] [释义] superiority; preponderance; dominant position; goodness; advantage; [例句]我们有空中优势。 We have air superiority.

用 of 的意思是 有...方面的优点。优势。 例如,I have an advantage of speaking France. 我有会说法语的优势。 用 over 是指“超过”的意思,用在这里就是“比”的意思,一般可以用于两者比较。 he has an advantage over me in experience。 你可...

of...表示 哪方面的优点,优势, 在...方面占优 over 表示 和什么相比有 优势 比如:Why would an anatomy student have an advantage of holding breath under water? 为什么解剖系的学生善于在水下屏住呼吸。 China has advantage over other A...

In a word , we should realize the advantagements and disadvantagemets of the Internet , and make good us of it to help us make progress and live ...

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