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这只是用户给自己的程序中起的一个标识符,没有规定是什么意思。 add在英文中是“加法”,“增加”的意思。至于s,可以是复数形式,也可以是表示字符串、s开头的其它意思。

可换成 void save() { char name[10]; FILE *fp; int i; scanf("%s",name) if((fp=fopen(name,"wb"))==NULL) {printf("cannot open file\n"); return;} for(i=0;i


fscanf比较方便! NAME scanf, fscanf, sscanf, vscanf, vsscanf, vfscanf - input format conversion SYNOPSIS #include int scanf(const char *format, ...); int fscanf(FILE *stream, const char *format, ...); int sscanf(const char *str...

/* write a c function named time() that accpts an integer number of seconds and the address of three variables named hours,min,and sec.the function is to convert the passed number of second into an equivalent number of hours,mi...

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