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如果star-69是一支歌曲的话,那它的意思就是:star-69这首歌曲的电驴下载 而如果有star-69这部电影的话,那它的意思就是:star-69这部电影的片尾曲 关于ED 1.Emule Download,就是电螺(又名电驴)下载的英语缩写 2.Ending Theme,英文中指片尾...

歌曲名:Star 69 (Album Version) 歌手:R.E.M. 专辑:Monster R.E.M. - Star 69 You don't have to take the bar exam to see What you've did is ignoramus 1 of 3 What've I got to hang my hat on You don't have a pot to pee in All this jus...

歌曲名:Star 69 歌手:Fatboy Slim 专辑:Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars Let me be a Star 正义が胜つんだ I'll be my star 止まない鼓动に手を当てる 一秒だけ、今を生きる 勇気をください 未来思っても Just too far 散らない桜よ、...

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