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REmnAnt 这个英文怎么翻译

n. 1. 残余,剩余;遗迹,遗风 2. 零料,边角剩料;零头布 3. 残存者 a. 1. 残余的,剩余的;残留的 [网络释义] 1.遗迹,残馀 2.布尾,零码布 3.残迹[如用于描述分子进化] 4.残留 5.剩余物 REMNANT 1.布尾, 零码布 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

预计 predict;to estimate;anticipated;antipate;plan on更多释义>> [网络短语] 预计 Expected;estimate;predict 预计负债 Anticipation liabilities;Accrued liabilities;estimated liabilities 预计残值 Estimated residual value;estimat...


以下词汇表示不同概念的余数 remainder 指数学减或除后的余数 balance 指银行户头中提取钱款后剩余的并留给应付款收费帐号的钱 residue 指溶解、损耗或缩减之后剩下的东西 remnant 指主要部分被用掉之后遗留下来很少的数量 leavings 指有价值的...

remnant; remain;remaining; surviving;be left over; residual这些都有残存的意思,但具体怎么用还得根据实际情况或者时态来应用。

原价转让的意思是:以原价来转让(怎么转让?是以原价转让!这个原价是副词) at cost ad. 照原价(照成本) I can spare you some, if you want, at cost. 你如果想要,我可按成本让给你一些。 I will sell this remnant to you, at cost. 我愿将...

remained problems / problems left over by

遗留物 remnant;carry-over;hangover n.;carrying overs更多释义>> [网络短语] 遗留物 Leave Behind;Remnants;hangover 遗留物成本计算 Legacy Costing 现场遗留物登记 registration of the lost objects on the scene

production oddment

Complications of hypertension 【】 Patients with essential hypertension as a result of sustained increased arterial pressure, lead to systemic small artery, thus affecting the blood supply to tissues and organs, resulting in a ...

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