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作业认真,按时交 这个句子 用英语表达 翻译为 : Do your homework carefully and hand in your homework on time.

Absorbed in reflections, class assignments seriously pay

上交作业 用英语 Hand in homework.

这个作业什么时候的英文翻译_百度翻译 这个作业什么时候 When is this assignment 这个 [词典] this; this one; (这东西) this; [口] so; [例句]这个比那个好。 This one is better than that one.

标准答案: 初中答案: We'll hand in our homework as soon as we get to school. 高中答案: The moment we get to school we'll hand in our homework. Immediately we arrive at school we'll hand in our homework.

I come to submit my English homework.我是来交英语作业的

"I want to ask, in this case, if I can apply for to hand in your homework to school time delay a week"

Handing in homework on time

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hand in...上交,交上来

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