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a lot of homework.

你好! 我很喜欢这个专业,但是作业真的很多 I like this major, but I really have a lot of homework.


大学作业 [网络] University jobs; [例句]文中结合深圳大学在线作业管理系统,详细阐述在线作业管理系统整体结构和关键功能模块的设计与实现。 In the paper, it is exposed in detail to how to design the system structure and implement the...

"Decorate a lot of homework" 重点词汇释义 布置 arrange; fix up; assign; make arrangements for; collocation 很多 a great many; a great deal of; a large number of; plenty of 作业 job; task; school assignment; 军事活动或生产活动) ...

Do homework

我们的作业很多。 翻译:We have a lot of homework.

The more quickly they do their homework, the more mistakes they will make. 他们作业做得越快,犯的错就越多

do one's homework


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