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a lot of homework.


你好! 我很喜欢这个专业,但是作业真的很多 I like this major, but I really have a lot of homework.

"Decorate a lot of homework" 重点词汇释义 布置 arrange; fix up; assign; make arrangements for; collocation 很多 a great many; a great deal of; a large number of; plenty of 作业 job; task; school assignment; 军事活动或生产活动) ...

Do homework

The more quickly they do their homework, the more mistakes they will make. 他们作业做得越快,犯的错就越多


要做的家庭作业这么多 So much homework to do 有人在做家庭作业. Others did their homework. 祝你英语学习成功! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 如有疑问请继续追问,望采纳,谢谢,您的采纳是我的力量!

Students will not need to do a lot of homework. 学生们将不需要做许多家庭作业

I am doing homework.

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