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Havana,今日英国London Heart榜单第一

我列举几首吧,如果没有就当推荐歌曲吧 1where is the love_黑眼豆豆 2dilemma_nelly 3I'll be loving you long time_maria carey feat.TI 4stan_阿姆

yelawolf 的《write your name》吧 或者《made in USA》 还是eminem《sapce bound》 《stan》 B.O.B《airplane》 professor green 《read all about it》 第一个可能性最大,其他的你也都听听看吧,反正要是不对也挺好听的

是不是这个埃。。。。 Love the Way You Lie(爱如谎言)[1] On the first page of our story 在我们的故事的一开始 The future seemed so bright 未来似乎是那么地美好 Then this thing turned out so evil 慢慢地,一切开始变得如此邪恶 I don'...

if i had you - adam lambert So i got my boots on 我穿上靴子 Got the right 'mount of leather 皮革大小刚好 And i'm doing me up with a black colour liner 然后我给自己画上黑色的眼线 And i'm working my strut 我阔步向前 But i know it...

NAS-I Can、NAS-Hero、Flo Rida-Sugar、Nik&Jay-Kan Du、Nik&Jay-En Dag Tilbage

need you now和 wouldn't change a thing 摇滚夏令营里的

Dilemma 歌手:Nelly&Kelly Rowland I.. love you, and I.. need you Nelly I.. love you, I do.. neeeeed you - but No matter what I do, all I think about is you Even when I'm with my boo, Know you know I'm crazy over you No matter wh...

or by ke$ha?

是不是Tell me what to do,听了感觉像

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