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advantage 或者 superiority 其实 superiority 跟多用于军事 advantage 最常用 楼主请注意

Main advantages of enterprises企业的主要优势用 企业enterprise; business; company; establishment 优势superiority; preponderance; dominant position; goodness; advantage 例如:异步性是使用像JMS这样的企业消息传递技术的主要优势之一...

你好,可以用be good at,或者have the(an) advantage over( of),括号里表示可以替换的部分,希望可以帮到你

柯林斯英汉双解大辞典 dominate /ˈdɒmɪˌneɪt/  CET4 TEM4 [ dominating dominated dominates ] 1. 及物动词/不及物动词 To dominate a situation means to be the most powerful o...

你的优势是什么,翻译是: What are your strengths? 解释: what 英[wɒt] 美[wɑ:t] pron. (用以询问某人或某事物的词) 什么,多少; …的事物; adj. …的(事物或人); adv. (用于感叹句中) ; [例句]What do you want? 你想要什么? stre...

优势互补 Complementary advantages 优势互补 Complementary advantages

以较大优势在选举中胜出 Win the election by a greater margin 重点词汇释义 较大more 优势superiority; preponderance; dominant position; goodness; advantage 选举election; vote; elect; co-optation; vote in

有许多的优势. 英语: 1) There are a great deal of advantages. 3) Having numerous advantages,

~The price of our products is provided with more competitive strength than that of other ones. ~Compared to other products, the price of the products made in our compamy has a greater competitive power.

处于优势地位 in the green tree; in the lead; on top; gotten the best of

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