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You should take as much as possible

You should take as much as possible. 你拿的越多越好

as [英][əz][美][æz,əz] adv.同样地,一样地; 例如; prep.作为,以…的身份; 如同; conj.像,像…一样; 由于; 同时,当…时; 尽管; Can you see him or her as a coach or a mentor? 你可以把他(她)当作导师吗? Your bag is as g...

As long as your father died,I will marry your mother.

I will be there as soon as possible 我会尽快去那里

1,Tom was consifered as a thief,due to his wrongdoing. 由于他不道德的行为,汤姆被认为是一个小偷。 2,On one side, the internet is a useful tool for learning; on the other side,much bad news congest it. 一方面,因特网是一个很有用...

I try it as soon as possible

when we arrived, the train had left. they were having fun dancing when two men entered. while you are in beijing, come and visit my family. while the weather was bad, they went on working . he looked back as he went back home.

I have bath once a day. 我一天洗一次澡 I go to see my grandparents twice a week. 我一个星期两次去看望我的祖父母. John had already been to Japan for three times. 约翰去过三次日本了 I always surf in the Internet at weekend. 我周...

as long as造句: 1.They all continued their regard for me as long as they lived. 他们毕生都在关心着我. 2. For almost as long as Juanita could remember, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing seemed as easy as breathing,...

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