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1 boli the water burst into flame 点火;着火 2weather forecast ; reliable 3 below ; view

1 those who are overweight or indulge in unhealthy diet are candidates for heart attack. 2 people who do not think there is a need to reduce the use of disposable products. 3 rapid growth in those countries, China, the economy ...


表示的是过去完成时,,不能用ago所以,过去完成时表示过去某一时间或动作以前已经发生或完成了的动作.它表示动作发生的时间是“过去的过去”.表示过去某一时间可用by, before等构成的短语;myself,主要是主语是I,所以宾格要用我自己,myself

pays不要s,teachers不是第三人称单数。 单数第三行去掉they

Error correction短文改错(Error Correction)是一种主观综合测试题型,它要求考生在理解全文内容的基础上找出并改正一篇短文中的10处语法结构或用词方面的错误。

grammarly, ginger, youdao

2017年英语全国卷一改错_有道翻译 翻译结果: In 2017 English the roll of a correction correction_有道词典 correction 英 [kə'rekʃ(ə)n] 美 [kə'rɛkʃən] n. 改正,修正 更多释义>> [网络短语] correctio...

When I look at this picture of myself. I realize of how fast time flies. I had grown not only physically.and also mentally in the past few years. About one month after this photo was took, I entered my second year of high schoo...

翻译 1虽然我们预定了桌子,我们不得不等待半小时。

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