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记得有一个很好的句型,是怎么说来着的英语翻译是Remember that there is a good sentence pattern, how to say it

这是一个相当不错的趋势 用英语怎么翻译!用高档词汇和句式!!! This is an amazing trend. This is a marvellous tendency This is a wonderful trend. This is an awesome trend. This is an excellent trend.

How do you find sth?例句How do you find your new job?你认为你的新工作怎么样? How do you feel about...? What do you think about/of ...? What about...?列句:I'd like a cup of tea. What about you? 我想喝杯茶,你呢? What about ha...

1. sb./sth. is more A than B “与其说sb/sth是B,不如说是A” 例如:He is more an artist than a philosopher. 与其说他是位哲学家,不如说他是位艺术家。 2. sb./sth. is less A than B “与其说sb/sth是A,不如说是B” 例如:I'm less thirsty ...


首先你的问题似乎不全,老师的建议后面没有了。 Suddenly, he received a welcome (acceptance) letter from a well-known university in Beijing. Teacher suggests we should always use our goal to stimulate ourself. The news he won the...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . Are you Helen? Is your name Helen?

My grade is as good as hers. as ... as 和某某一样 满意就请采纳吧

Steve Jobs is exception to other people, for he is an innovative leader. Compared with other ordinary people ,steve Jobs is exceptional and full of innovation. Steve Jobs, who is different from others,is a leader with innovation.


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