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记得有一个很好的句型,是怎么说来着的英语翻译是Remember that there is a good sentence pattern, how to say it

understand … as.…; think of… as… : I understood his words as orders. = I thought of his words as orders. 我把他的话当作命令来理解。

首先你的问题似乎不全,老师的建议后面没有了。 Suddenly, he received a welcome (acceptance) letter from a well-known university in Beijing. Teacher suggests we should always use our goal to stimulate ourself. The news he won the...

Steve Jobs is exception to other people, for he is an innovative leader. Compared with other ordinary people ,steve Jobs is exceptional and full of innovation. Steve Jobs, who is different from others,is a leader with innovation.

这是一个相当不错的趋势 用英语怎么翻译!用高档词汇和句式!!! This is an amazing trend. This is a marvellous tendency This is a wonderful trend. This is an awesome trend. This is an excellent trend.


a sentential form 一个句型 Is it right that A, B, and C have the same specification D? 希望对你有帮助哦~

增长十倍有很多种说法 sth increase/explodes/grow by ten times 10 times more than……” 也对,或者increased by more than 10 times 数字增减及倍数的译法主要有以下几种: 第一部分:数词的译法 一、数字增减的译法: 1.句式特征:by+名词+...

It is fact that scientists have made a significant discovery.

My school is small but great. There is a playground behind the school, and there is the teaching building in the front of the playground. There are teachers' offices and 20 classes. The 7th Grade is on the first floor, the 8th ...

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