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opening, closing address. 供参考。

/////// 开幕式 国际奥委会主席罗格北京奥运会开幕式上的讲话 Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, delivers a speech during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in the National Stadium in no...

综艺部 Variety Department 社团巡礼闭幕式 The closing ceremony of society overview

the Closing Ceremony of Foreign Culture and Art Festival with the 10-year anniversary of the Department

Closing Ceremony

I have to announce the conclusion of meeting.

我很荣幸能参加大会闭幕式 I am honored to be able to attend the closing ceremony of the conference

Would you like to stay a couple of days in China or be back immediately after this event/party/activity/conference?(是什么活动就直接说什么活动即可是活动/聚会/会议看您自己选择了,不用说“闭幕”,用after 。。。就OK了~) 纯手工翻...

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