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也可以是A small question / An easy question. 小问题一般指简单的,所以就是An easy question / A small question. A little question,其实也可以呀! 或者用A small problem / A little problem也行。

你说话的声音太小了。 ① Your voice is too quiet ② Your voice is too soft ③ Your voice is too weak ④ Your voice is too low ⑤ Your voice is too small ⑥ Your voice is too tiny 这些都是正确的。另外一点就是 ③ 除了表示声音太轻太小以外...

过去式其实有4种的。。。。 简单来说,就是用于表示过去的事情 当然,还有虚拟语气 看你问这个问题,就知道是刚开始学英语的,这个以后慢慢可以体会,不用急的

OK , thank...........

【翻译】(接上文 “你在干什么?”) 我说:“你指的是现在、今晚还是我的整个后半生?” 静谧了片刻,接下来主席猛地回过头并狂笑起来,其他人也笑了。幽默打破了非常尴尬的场面给人带来的压力(此处翻译进行了增益)。 【短语】 ~ a moment silence...

Today I want to talk about an issue which is closely related to our daily life.

P.S. It will be appreicated if you could inform XXX this case.

most importantly

句子中有一个谓语动词了 require,所以就可以排除BD,因为要填非谓语动词形式,词组require to do 所以就选B

Today, I want to tell you a funny story......The story is so much, but I think, the fourth son of the gift is not the best, even if the parrot finally gave his son's mother read the poem and how? I think the best gift is to acc...

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