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call me back as soon as possible soon as possible:尽可能快 举例:①Sally said that she would got back as soon as possible.萨丽说她会尽可能快的回来。 ②please finish your homework as soon as possible.请尽快的完成你的家庭作业。 much as possible 尽可能多(...

You should run as quickly as possible to win the race. 为了赢得比赛,你应该尽可能快地跑


A miss is as good as a mile. 差之毫厘,谬之千里。 I am as careful as my mother. 我和我的妈妈一样细心。I am not as careful as my mother. 我没我妈妈细心。(剩下的以此类推) You look as nice as me. 你看起来和我一样美。 This watch i...

You should take as much as possible

——as有很多用法,不知道你要用那个意思造句,所以全给你造了句,你自己选用合适的吧! adv. 1. [表示程度]同样地,相同地,一样地,相等地,达到…程度 2. [后接形容词或分词]被认为,被看作是,(从某种方式)与…对比时 3. [后接 directed, agreed...

She is as lovely as a cute doll.

As for me, I teach art. 至于我自己,我教艺术。 2. As for these people did before, now what do can succeed with similar!!!!! 好像因为这些人以前做过什么,现在跟着做就能成功似的! 3. Alright, and as for ‘the end of all of this, ’ ...

应该是: as well as well 英[æz wel] 美[æz wɛl] [词典] 也, 还有; [例句]I'll come with you if you like. I might as well. 如果你想的话,我会和你在一起来。我无所谓。

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