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让世界看到你的改变 Let the world behold your change. 比较巨大的改变可以用 transformation Let the world behold your transformation.


定海神针:key stand,其实就是主心骨的意思,所以mainstay也可以。 必需认可的是,意大利是一支老练的队列,阿奎罗是她们行列的定海神针(Key Stand), [例句] 父亲死后,儿子就成了这个家庭的主心骨。 After the father's death the son became the...

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轻轻地拍拍背 这一非常便宜的“技俩”适用于任何机构。我把我手型画在一张纸上,上面打印著:「先生/小姐_______,这是我给你的“轻轻地拍拍背”,感谢你在这里的辛勤工作和所作出的努力。」然后把它复印在彩色纸上。在我们教会的青少年帮忙把这“手...

Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is unalterable.

During the long journey of one's life, every one has a lot of dreams in different phases of life. So do I. I used to be a kid without goal. I only knew that I would finish primary school, middle school and then high school, unt...

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tomorrow is another day.­

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