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as 英[əz] 美[æz,əz] adv. 同样地,一样地; 例如; prep. 作为,以…的身份; 如同; conj. 由于; 像,像…一样; 同时,当…时; 尽管; [例句]Another policeman has been injured as fighting continued this morning 今早又有一名警员...

As for me, I teach art. 至于我自己,我教艺术。 2. As for these people did before, now what do can succeed with similar!!!!! 好像因为这些人以前做过什么,现在跟着做就能成功似的! 3. Alright, and as for ‘the end of all of this, ’ ...


如此……以至于做…… she is so quite as to stay at home all day.她太害羞了以至于整天呆在家里。  The girl was so excited as to shout herself hoarse. 那个女孩是那么地兴奋, 以至于嗓子都喊哑了。 He was so tired as to be unable to ...

call me back as soon as possible

造句: We selected him as our monitor. 我们选他作我们的班长。 Love me as I do (love) you. 像我爱你那样的爱我。 It was intended as a joke. 这本是当作一个笑话的。 I regarded her as my own sister. 我把她看作自己的妹妹。 He will fo...

You should come here as early as possible. He does his homework as carefully as possible. possible :越······越好

应该是: as well as well 英[æz wel] 美[æz wɛl] [词典] 也, 还有; [例句]I'll come with you if you like. I might as well. 如果你想的话,我会和你在一起来。我无所谓。

1.he is as tall as me2.his book is as heavy as mine.3.her hair is long as mine

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