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由于,因为: due to because of owing to thanks to as a result of for on account of 祝楼主学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

一般来说, 因为 :because 所以: so 但在说英语的一个句子时,说了because,就不说 so 例:I did not go to school yesterday because I was ill.

“因什么而著名”用英语是:be famous for。 短语: be quite famous for 是非常着名的 ; 是相当着名的 ; 颇负盛名 be e famous for 以……而有名 ; 因……而着名 be traditionally famous for 传统上以 sb be famous for 或者人因某种常识技术而有名 ...

英文原文: that is because... 英式音标: [ðæt; ðət] [ɪz] [bɪˈkɒz] . . . 美式音标: [ðæt] [ɪz] [bɪˈkɔz] . . .

英语中因为所以不连用 有了因为就不能加所以 因为:because ,in the reason of(以什么样的理由),because of所以:so,therefore(因此),as a result(作为什么的结果) 1、即使是中文,因为所以也不是一定要出现,更不需要同时出现。 我爱...

because I like sports because it is good to my health. for I didn't go to school yesterday for I was ill.

because 英[bɪˈkɒz] 美[bɪˈkɔ:z] conj. 因为; [例句]He is called Mitch, because his name is Mitchell 人们叫他米奇,因为他大名叫米切尔。

The reason why ..... is because....... 例如 我之所以这样做是因为我爱你 The reason why I did that is because I love you. 祝你快乐 :)

Because of the rain 因为下雨 或 Since it was raining 例句 1.因为下雨,我们不得不呆在家里。 Because of the rain, we have to stay at home. 2.因为下雨,我们选择在室内活动。 Since it was raining, we chose an indoor activity 希望对...

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