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由于,因为: due to because of owing to thanks to as a result of for on account of 祝楼主学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

because it's very interesting.

因为 [词典] because; for; on account of; owing to; [电影] Because; [例句]就因为他们钱挣得比我们多,他们就认为高人一等。 Just because they make more money than we do, they think they're so superior.

just for this reason.. that's why...

Because of the rain 因为下雨 或 Since it was raining 例句 1.因为下雨,我们不得不呆在家里。 Because of the rain, we have to stay at home. 2.因为下雨,我们选择在室内活动。 Since it was raining, we chose an indoor activity 希望对...

be famous as 后一般跟 人,表“做为......人而闻名” be famous for 后一般跟事物 ,表“因/由于......而闻名” 第二个 因为。。而著名

The reason why ..... is because....... 例如 我之所以这样做是因为我爱你 The reason why I did that is because I love you. 祝你快乐 :)

英语中因为所以不连用 有了因为就不能加所以 因为:because ,in the reason of(以什么样的理由),because of所以:so,therefore(因此),as a result(作为什么的结果) 1、即使是中文,因为所以也不是一定要出现,更不需要同时出现。 我爱...

因为"个人原因" Because of personal reasons 说明: because of 因为,由于; 基于; personal adj. 个人的,私人的; reason n. 理由; 原因; 理性; 理智;

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