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一首女声歌曲,我听见一句貌似是 多希望you AnD mE...


歌曲:what a wonderful world I see trees of green, red roses too 看那绿树与红花 I see them bloom for me and you 我觉得他们是为我和你而盛开 and I think to myself what a wonderful world 我对自己说:多么美好的世界! I see skies of...

宇多田光 - come back to me.mp3

歌曲:there you will be 歌手:faith hill [ti:there you will be] [ar:faith hill] when i think back on these times, and the dreams we left behind i'll be glad cause i was blessed to get to have you in my life when i look back on ...

哪个DJ这么缺德啊?这么优美的旋律也来混音?? 正式发布的,就一个版本的,也就是网上普遍流传的这个版本~


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