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To learn to summarize and observation 要学会去总结和观察

“总结”英语翻译用于标题 "Summary" (分析研究经验做出结论) sum up;summarize 总结工作 summarize one's work (概括出来的结论) summary;summing up 作总结 make a summary 例句: asically, the article can be summarized in three sentence...

工作总结 1、词典: work summary; 2、例句:这是当时建校工作总结中的一段内容。 This is a summary of the work at that time in school for some content. 1、summary通常是摘要概要的意思,表示内容的概述。 2、report则是报告,指完成的结...

“工作总结” "Job summary" “工作总结” "Job summary"


总结性的 [网络] summary; [例句]最后,我们将提供一篇总结性的文章,文中将提出我们对这一组最佳实践的建议。 We will conclude with a summation article consisting of our proposal for a set of best practices.

Summarize and draw 要认真总结和借鉴以往危旧房改造经验,不断提高住宅研究、改造水平。 We should conscientiously summarize and draw on past experience to transform old, and continually enhance the residential study, the transforma...

working summary for the first half year and working prospect for the second half year of the comtrolling section

Summary of knowledge points 知识点总结

总结summarize 例句: To summarize, in most cases the schools were achieving the standards set. 总的说来,在大多数情况下这些学校都达到了所定的标准。

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