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形容词:末尾带“的”的是形容词。 小学中常用的有:good(好的) ; bad(坏的); small(小的 ; big(大的 ; hugry(饿的;full(饱的); little(少的; high(高的); short(矮的,短的); tall(高的);long(长的); old(老的,旧的); new(新...

e injured say, "Beauty is kind and gentle. Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she wal

kind 好心的 friendly 友好的 tall 高的 short 矮的 thin 瘦的 strong 强壮的


原级 比较级 hot hotter early earlier beautiful more beautiful little less good/well better far farther great greater thin thinner strong stronger warm warmer wide wider funny funnier important more important busy more busy late...



1.loudliest(最高级) 2.more soundly(比较级) 3.well(词组do well in) better (可知他父亲想要他考得好,用比较级) 4.badly(作副词) 5.the most honestly(最高级) 6.elegantly(as + 原型 +as) 7.more fluently(比较级) 8.worse(...

My father's name is xxx.He.My father isn't very tall but he is 160cm tall only.He is a 50 kg.He has big eyes and small mouse.He is very kind.My father is a good father,I love my father.

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