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很简单。我们学语文的老师教我们古文时说这就是半门外语,也就是说,学习外语词汇很重要,下面,我给你具体讲讲我的一些心得。 1:在网络上,很多文章教大家怎么一个月过六级,半个月过四级,个人认为:可能!但那绝对是针对英语基础比较好的朋...

Learning English from now on. Learning学习 English英语 from now on从今往后、从现在开始 Learning加ing是因为这个句子是将来时态

I will give up drinking from now on.

From now on, I have to study hard, in order to next year's college entrance examination

I wii speak english from now on.It's OK even if you don't understand what i mean.But i won't translate it.

从现在开始我要说英语 哈哈的翻译是:From now on I want to speak English, haha

There is no clear rules on what or when people should do things. Yet if we want to do something, we shall start right now. 供参考。

I'll practise English harder from now on and try to talk to you in English later.

From now on, we will try our best to improve our service

From now on,I will study hard.

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