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My God -Wu Yifan Wu Yifan is a famous singer and actor in our China ,he was born on November the 6th,1990. Taking it from me,he is my god,I love him so much.He is amazing and adorable,he is also friendly and kind.The God give h...

他是我的男神: He is my God.或者He is one of my male god. 希望能够帮助到你 望采纳,谢谢

my god Mr.Right 双语例句 我的男神很伟大,他的名字叫爸爸。 My male god is great, his name is dad. 我的男神有两只眼睛,一个嘴巴,可萌可萌了。 My male god have two eyes, a mouth, can sprout can sprout. 我...

应翻译为:My male god。 望采纳

我的男神的英文翻译_百度翻译 我的男神 My male god god_百度翻译 god 英[gɒd] 美[gɑ:d] n. 上帝,造物主; 被极度崇敬的人[物]; 男神; 戏院顶层楼座观众; vt. 膜拜; 崇拜; [例句]He believes in God 他信奉上帝。 [其他] 复数:gods

you are my God.

我的男神 My male god 我的男神 My male god

我是男神 I am a man of God. 都市青春励志喜剧《我是男神》由北京超级糖果文化传媒有限公司(原北京知越翰阁文化传媒有限公司)出品、天津火星文化有限公司联合出品。由沈千依编剧、杨翼导演,刘滨、沈千依、陈俊文、高广泽、吴博伦、李宏毅、...

my lovest man is very cool

【Mr. Mcdreamy;dream lover;prince charming ;Mr. Right 例句:1. A fiere battle occurred between the deity and the devil. 恶魔和男神进行了一场恶战。2. It contained two mansions -- Gladsheim for the gods, and Vingolf for the go...

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