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In order to learn English,every morning what should you do? For learn English,Do you have any good way? 希望帮到你、谢谢

为了把英语学好,我每天读三小时的文章 In order to learn English well, I read three hours a day 重点词汇释义 为了for; for the sake of; in order to; by way of; in the interest of 英语English 学好learn from good examples; emulate go...

Reading English every morning is very helpful for students. or It's very helpful for students to read English every morning.

“同学们早上好”英语是:"Good morning, students." 双语造句: 同学们早上好,我是数学老师杨老师。 Good morning, I am Mrs Yang. 老师同学们,早上好!今天我们演讲的主题是:快乐着集体的快乐。 Good morning everyone! The theme that we le...


我通常早上在学校跑步。 I usually run at school in the morning. I usually am in the school running. 采纳

Good morning, ladise and gentleman, today my topic is how to learn English? As we all know, English is more and more important today,it has been used everywhere.It has bocome an very common language in our lives,if we can speak...

take care可不是坚持到底的意思哦 它是小心,注意的意思 你可以用don't give up永不放弃 if you want to learn english well , you must never give up

With the development of the society, China has stepped on the road of internationalizaion. And as all sides of reasons, English has become the international language. Thus, there are more and more Chinese learn English as to ca...

When do you go to school

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