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In order to learn English,every morning what should you do? For learn English,Do you have any good way? 希望帮到你、谢谢


如果没基础的话,就从基础开始。 如果有基础的话,建议学习和实践相结合。多看一些英文电影就是一个比较好的方法。比如说日语吧,本人只学过两年,但经常看日语的动漫,不看字幕,百分之八十都能听懂。

When you are learning English,listening,speaking and writing are important,but reading can also be very helpful.When you read,you can’t only learn some new words,but also you can learn how to use these English words.When...

How to learn English well How to learn English well? I think there are three things you must do. They are listening,speaking,and practicing.First,since English is a tool of communication, so the pronunciation is very impor...

若要学好英语,就必须经常使用英语 翻译为:If you want to learn English well, you must always use English. 学好英语方法: 首先,背单词,单词是基础,一定要把单词记熟,背单词。睡前背,早上起来背,效果最好。根据情况,背单词的时候一定...


1.Fully use your time,especially your spare time. 充分利用你的时间,特别是你的业余时间。 2.Find yourself some methods,especially thhose practical and effective ones. 找到一些方法,特别是那些具有失效的方法。 3.Learn the basic kn...

你什么时候去学校 When do you go to school when什么时候 go to school 去学校 平时注意多积累单词,日积月累

i don't speak english very well but i'll try hard to learn english .I would appreciate your comments。 就可以了。

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