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认真完成作业 Seriously finish the homework complete the homework earnestly ; finish the homework carefully

It's very important to finish the homework carefully. or It is of great importance to finish the homework carefully 祝你开心如意!.

Listen carefully and finish the homework on time 认真听讲按时完成作业

翻译如下 上课认真听讲,及时完成作业 Listen carefully in class and finish the homework in time

Our teacher often asks us to finish our homework carefully. 希望我的回答对你有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢。

I am going to finish my homework seriously, and make my effort to study English well.

For most student work is beneficial.However,in some cases,assembled with the most compelling reason to assign homework to students.It is very difficult to quantify the amount of improvement in real learning and education,which ...

不感兴趣,但她每次都很仍认真完成作业. 英文翻译_ I'm not interested, but she's still doing her homework every time.

我们必须认真地完成作业 We must finish our homework carefully. 我们必须认真地完成作业 We must finish our homework carefully.

I am always seeing my child do homework carefully. 用到了现在进行时表频繁动作、see sb. do短语。

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