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Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson Un deux trois Turn it up a little bit Bang bang bang Feathers I'm plucking feathers One by one by one No more skylarking around my head Your information But there's no hiding behind molting feathers...

还有别的词语吗 如果没有的话 可能是首英文儿歌喔 我已经找了很久了 请您在提供些有效信息吧好吗 整个晚上我都会找的 不辜负你的在线等哈

Writing's On The Wall - Sam Smith I've been here before But always hit the floor I've spent a lifetime running And I always get away But with you I'm feeling something That makes me want to stay I'm prepared for this I never sh...

in his famous "Confessions," [1]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero Shake it like a ladder to the sun Makes me feel like a madman on the run Find me, never, never far gone So get your leather, leather, leather on on on on Your zero What's your name? No one's gonna ask you...

the number song zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten begin again zero one two three four five six seven eight nine ten that's the end

Zero Gravity - David Archuleta Tell me what you did to me Just there beneath my feet Didn't even notice We were miles above the ground I'm not afraid of heights We crashed into the sky Didn't know that I could feel the way that...

可能是enrique lglesias的tonight(i'm lovin' you)


Humpty Dumpty - Aimee Mann 试听

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