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mood [ mu:d ] n. 情绪,语气;心境;气氛 emotion 则多为主观上的情感。两者其实都可以用,只是emotion表达的情感更为强烈直接一点。

Mariah Carey emotion You've got me feeling emotions deeper than I've ever dreamed of You've got me feeling emotions higher than the heavens above I feel good. I feel nice. I've never felt so satisfied I'm in love. I'm alive. In...

In current cognitive emotion theory emotional experiences are described as particular types of cognitive structures. Two studies are reported that test an implication of this theory, namely, the prediction that intuitive simila...


Can Cats Feel Emotion? Many cat enthusiasts have long believed that their pets feel emotions. Six behaviorists share their opinions. Based on ...

Emotion and Health Emotion can be defined as a strong human feeling such as delight, excitement, love, hate, anger, fear, depression, stress, uneasiness, and many other similar mental activities. Emotion affects not only our me...

不需要 emotion不是动词,是名词,不可数

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