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请补交作业 Please make up for the homework homework 英[ˈhəʊmwɜ:k] 美[ˈhoʊmwɜ:rk] n. 功课; 家庭作业; [例句]Have you done your homework, Gemma? 杰玛,你做完家庭作业了吗?

请在交作业时排队 用英语怎么说请在交作业时排队的英文翻译 翻译 请在交作业时排队 Please line up when you hand in your homework

在这部分,你有30分钟写一篇作文, 题目是“学习英语过程中的困难”,不少于80字。

I do appreciate the help you offered to my son while we were away. I argued him into going to school although he didn't want to. 希望能帮到你。祝学习进步!

我们正在处理,处理完会尽快通知你们。谢谢! We are coping with that, and we will inform you as soon as we finish. Thanks for your cooperation.

According to CITIC, they will consider your proposal of revising when issue the guarantee letter. They will help you revising it only on condition that the clause is not included in the contract.

1。所以再见,朋友会 想念你,我很抱歉我们 没有看到你走路了。我一直相信 你会;无论 如何,我永远不会忘记 你教我的经验慷慨无 私,信心和 强度。这些价值观和我一起长大 的,仍然相信。 2。他用手语告诉 她,“我已 经花了一年时间学习手语。我想让你...

1.You need to write something about one of the pictures you took when you traveled around China in English.Glue your picture on one piece of paper and write something under it. 请你用英语叙述你在中国旅行中拍下的(其中)一张照片...

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Please bring your homework to me tomorrow morning.

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