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楼下没大写,而且不合楼主的翻译意思,而且句型错误:In fact 不能修饰形容词。 Actually,it's easy very much.

There has always been want to say to you, but don't know how to express actually very simple three words I love you


Fruit salad production process is simple 这个是直翻!

有好的心情其实很简单 It's very simple to have a good mood mood 英[mu:d] 美[mud] n. 心情; 语气; 气氛; 坏心境; [例句]He is clearly in a good mood today 明摆着,他今天心情不错。

As long as the appropriate methods, learning English is very simple. For example: according to the phonogram word. Learning English is to read more in mind

"Put aside your worries and enjoy happiness easily!" 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

幸福其实很简单,充实的过好每一天。; 【기실 행복이란 아주 간단하다. 매 하루를 의미있게 충실Ȣ...

我想要的其实很简单 翻译是: What I want is really simple

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