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楼下没大写,而且不合楼主的翻译意思,而且句型错误:In fact 不能修饰形容词。 Actually,it's easy very much.

幸福其实很简单 1.Happiness is simple 2.Happy and actually very simple 3.the happiness is just simple in fact 4.the happy life can be very simple 5.happiness is in fact easy 6.well-being has always been very simple 给你6种说法

有好的心情其实很简单 It's very simple to have a good mood mood 英[mu:d] 美[mud] n. 心情; 语气; 气氛; 坏心境; [例句]He is clearly in a good mood today 明摆着,他今天心情不错。


As long as the appropriate methods, learning English is very simple. For example: according to the phonogram word. Learning English is to read more in mind

Fruit salad production process is simple 这个是直翻!

当我听到音乐,我想家了. 一种感觉使我回到当时生活在温暖、home.ALitteSad.i有点想你::无论如何::这首歌太棒了! 尤其是歌词,我喜欢!

Each of the students are so special 这个必须专业阿、给分啊

"Put aside your worries and enjoy happiness easily!" 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

你好, Hi! 我连续几天再给你写信,但一直没有得到您的回复。 I wrote you a few letters but so far I haven’t heard a word from you. 可能您最近比较忙,没有时间看邮箱。 Maybe you are too busy to check your mailbox. 也可能你那边的邮箱...

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