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give up放弃 give out分发 give me a hand给我帮助

be given to 沉溺于,癖好 give about 分配;传播 give and take 相互迁就 give away 赠送;牺牲;泄露;颁发 give back 归还 give cause 给予~~的理由 give ear to 侧耳倾听 give forth 发出,放出;发表 give in 屈服,让步,投降 give in to ...

***** give away To make a gift of. 使成为礼物 To present (a bride) to the bridegroom at a wedding ceremony. 在婚礼上将(新娘)交给新郎 To reveal or make known, often accidentally. 泄露,揭发,经常是偶然地 To betray. 背叛 ***** ...

give in 屈服,give up放弃,give out分发,give …to…,把…给…,give sb. sth.给某人某物。

bring bring about 1. 引起; 致使; 造成; 达成 2. 【航海】改变航向 3. 使康复 bring along 1. 带来 2. 协助训练; 培养 3. 帮助快速生长或开花 bring on 1. 带来 2. 协助训练; 培养 3. 帮助快速生长或开花 bring around 1. 使复苏; 使恢复健康 2...

不是的。 went是go的过去式 went to give…… 的意思是:去给……(过去时)

是要翻"放弃"还是"表示放弃" 前者: give up abandon forsake resign surrender abstain from forgo render (up) drop put away get out of 表示放弃 express abandonship mean to give up show to forsake/ surrender

give sb. sth. 或give sth. to sb.

give up 放弃 give away 赠送 give in 让步,交给 give out 分发 give over 停止 give sth. back 把某物还给某人 give 流出,散发,发出 give-and-take 互相谦让 give-away 泄露秘密的话,表情或物品


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