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why u so beautiful even though u have such a face width


Everyone should have his/her dream even he/she has nothing on hand. I have remembered these words since day one. It is true that a ship sails at open sea with the chart; a hawk flies and glide with her wings freely. We, should ...

这个没法直译 A province with abundant education resource. 教育资源丰富的省份


大哥求别闹,初三的英文是要写一页的!!! 我混个几句试试。。 One pollution we can see in our cummunity is noisy.This type of pollution is harmful to peoplr's health because it makes people feel uncomfortable, and it keeps people...

你好! 书架 bookcase, bookshelf, bookshelves (复数) 从书架后面的楼梯上去 Go up the stairs (that are) behind the bookcase Go up the stairs behind the bookshelf 注: that are 可以省略。 Go upstairs 句子没有错,不是中式英语 就是...

Never feel guilty for your own happiness. Le bonheur ne pour eux-mêmes


Whenever / Every time / Each time these things are in sight / in view, the previous days will come to mind.

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