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You mean to say After all the years of lovin' After all the tears are far away You could throw away All the dreams we build together Can't believe you mean the things you say I remember you with a loving way In your eyes, in yo...

By The Way Standing in line 一字长蛇阵 To see the show tonight等待好戏上演 And there's a light on表演时间开始 Heavy glow 灯火通明 By the way I tried to say我不会错过 I'd be there…waiting for一定要捧场 Dani the girl 女孩惊现 Is ...

是不是男声的,比较温柔的声音。有一句好像是 flying the sun by the way 开头貌似是I want 什么的 不记得名字了 坐等答案QAQ

搜梁静茹的 fly a way 你应该听错成by the way 了

是《by the way》吗?Barbra streisand唱的。里面有句歌词是Oh and by the way.

想找一首英文歌。里面一句歌词好像是by the way 但不是by... 问候你我的朋友:送你阳光,替你把痛苦蒸发,送你细雨,替你把龌龊冲刷。送你流星,替你带走噩梦,你开心了吧!

《shine your way》?----《疯狂原始人》主题曲

搜梁静茹的 fly a way 你应该听错成by the way 了

Lemon tree: I'm sitting here in a boring room It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon I'm wasting my time, I got nothing to do I'm hanging around, I'm waiting for you But nothing ever happens -- and I wonder I'm driving around...

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