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Rihanna "Unfaithful"[1].Unfaithful.mp3


Rob Thomas - Lonely No MoreNow it seems to me That you know just what to say But words are only words Can you show me something else Can you swear to me that you'll always be this way? Show me how you feel More than ever baby W...

歌曲名:I Don'T Wanna Lose Your Love 歌手:Santana Featuring Los Lonely Boys 专辑:All That I Am Santana - I Don'T Wanna Lose Your Love 【迷你歌词-官方制作】HomTo_Yeah If you don't love me baby, let me know Because you're breaking...

艺人:Sibel 歌名:Sorry 专辑:Diving Belle

America 播放 歌手:Aura Dione 语言:英语 所属专辑:Before the Dinosaurs

这是蕾哈娜(Rihanna)唱的Unfaithful,属于《A Girl Like Me》这张专辑额,Rihanna是来自加勒比海的小岛巴巴多斯的的歌手。你如果喜欢这首歌,可以在电驴上下载到这张专辑。

歌曲名:I Don'T Wanna Die Anymore 歌手:new radicals 专辑:Maybe You'Ve Been Brainwashed Too New Radicals New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too I Don't Wanna Die Anymore - New Radicals Two months of fun Two years of pain ...

On My Own - Ashes Remain

嗯嗯 ,现在了解了吧

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