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比如ChEEr up可以是ChEEr sB. up求:givE up,hAnD...

if you know the answer , please put up your hand. When it's 6:30, please call me up. Look, our teacher is handing out papers. Cheer up, don't be upset. The firefighters have put off the fire.

hand.we should delicate to this society by ...we not only cheer up people by volunteering ...例如,善于唱歌的可以唱歌,老享受。我们还可以跳舞,...

at hand 近在手头,在附近 at last 终于 at ...cheer up 高兴起来,振作起来 clear up 清理;使变...give out 分发;发出(气味等) give up 放弃;投降 ...


求高中阶段所有常用的词组,比如cut.give.lack.take.turn.put 之类的,相关pick up 拾起,学会,用车,来接,收听到 bring up 抚养,呕吐,提出 出现

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