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I graduated from Wuxi Taihu college in June.2014 . I successfully got the bachelor's degree.

可以译作: Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for letting me evolve into better people. Thank you for helping me to evolve into a better person. 精简的可以是: Thank you for make me better.

On stage the opportunity I was refused I believe that many students are sleeping at my desk You sleep or not sleep, as long as you don't snore, I will go ahead We are long body of sleep time is not enough in the school I hope t...

我们同意在下张订单给你5%的折扣 We agree to offer you a 5% discount for your next order.

“这个问题发生在今年3月,起初的答复是,- this problem occured in march this year. the first reply was 但是在2013-05-09通过我们软件工程师的分析得出结论如下: but on the ninth of may our software engineer came up with a different ...

Beiwan Warehouse (south of the entrance of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway) of China Tobacco Shandong Import & Export Co., Ltd,, Beiwan Community (Beiwan Industrial Park), Ji Hong Tan Subdistrict, Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong...

[原文] 1.1 君子曰(1):学不可以已(2)。青,取之于蓝(3),而青于蓝;冰,水为之,而寒于水。木直中绳, 以为轮(4),其曲中规,虽有槁暴(5),不复挺者,使之然也。故木受绳则直,金就砺则利,君子博学而日参省乎己(6),则知明而行...

何时你能理解我可以彻底的改变然后出现在你的身边。 记得采纳啊

oh my god 噢麦嘎 记得采纳啊

My psychological age is much younger than his

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