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回答和翻译如下 : 仔细观察 。 Watch carefully .

仔细观察 vi. scrutinize misc. have a close-up view of ; keep under observation 仔细观察某人 Observe sb closely If you watch carefully, you will see how to do it/how I do it.如果你仔细观察,就会看到我如何做此事。

你好,观察observe是动作,需要用副词carefully修饰。carefully observe

Observe carefully

用心看仔细观察_有道翻译 翻译结果: Watch carefully observed by heart

by observing(或surveying) the data in the chart carefully, we can find some rules below.

We can see in the picture that a child has dropped into a water vat and the old is too anxious to know what to do.Many people around the vat feel surprised and fresh about it. Instead of saving the child hurriedly, they are bu...

Today is Monday. There are many children on the playground. Some are playing soccer, some are playing ping-pong, some are playing basketball, some are running, some are doing high-jump, and some are playing volleyball.

I am Alice and I have a happy family.My parents love my little brother and me very much.Last month,we went shopping together. After that,we went home,andmyfather got me a big surpride ,he gave me a present..Iopen it .Oh,It's a ...

One possible version:One day Jack decided to kick the bad habit of smoking. So he threw his favorite tobacco pipe out of the window. Just at that time he seemed to regret what he did and hurriedly ran downstairs and out of th...

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